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The Guides’ Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age

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The Wisdom Of Nonsense.

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The Healing Power Of Humor. Life After Life reflections On. Interpreting Astrology. Robert John. Princeton And Mass Transit. Physics Of Electric Propulsion. Rudolf Steiner. Ruth Montgomery. But he refused to recant his charges and bravely submitted to burning on a cross. He left behind an immense number of devotional and moral essays, numerous sermons, some poems, and a political treatise on the government of Florence.

The Guides contributed that Arthur Ford was then an intimate counselor and assistant to Savonarola, "who threw in his lot with this man who had the power to lift humankind out of itself to higher planes of wisdom.

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But the Guides, in Companions Along the Way, related other lifetimes when both Lily and Ford were my father, which could explain why they have been willing to put up with me and communicate through all of these decades. They also recounted numerous lifetimes when my husband, Bob, and I were said to have been husband and wife. The Guides and I continued to collaborate on books until, after publication of my fifteenth one, Bob declared in exasperation: "If you write another book, I'm leaving.

Perhaps I should be paying more attention to my husband instead of spreading the teachings of unseen Guides to unknown readers. I seemed unable to start another book. I continued to correspond occasionally with the Guides, but I lacked the inspiration to disseminate it.

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We moved from Washington, D. On a Sunday night, January 31, , I had just slipped into bed when the telephone rang. Lifting the receiver, I listened in stunned silence as a female voice began, "Mrs. Montgomery, I'm sorry to tell you that your husband is gone. We're not permitted to keep a body here overnight. What arrangements do you want to make? Strange how the mental processes continue to function almost automatically while the emotional system goes into numbed shock.

I called my sister, Margaret Forry, in Indianapolis, and she said she would be on the first available flight. Then I dialed my second cousin, Phil Cunningham, who spends the winter season at a nearby villa, and that wonderful man said he would go immediately to the nursing home and oversee the removal of Bob's body to Hodges Funeral Home. The next morning I went with Phil to identify the remains and supply information for Bob's obituary.

Margaret arrived later that day, and after Bob's body was cremated, we held a memorial service with close friends on Friday. Meanwhile, I had managed to perform all the perfunctory tasks: notifying our lawyer, the bank, and Bob's relatives, and meeting with our good friend Ninette Peterson, an ordained minister whom Bob and I had previously chosen to conduct our services if she were available when our time came. Outwardly I was functioning normally. Inwardly I felt like a robot who had been put on automatic pilot. I couldn't cry. I couldn't grieve. As a matter of fact, I dared not grieve, because I was acutely aware of my Guides' warning about that many years before, while writing A Search for the Truth. In a chapter of that book, entitled "The Selfishness of Grief," the Guides detailed how overly grieving survivors keep a loved one Earthbound and thereby retard the spiritual progress of a soul newly crossed into the spirit plane. Bob was the best person I have ever known. He deserved better than a grieving widow who was feeling sorry for herself and moaning about her loss.

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Overview In The World to Come bestselling author and world-renowned psychic Ruth Montgomery presents a wealth of new material about who we are, where we are headed, and how we can cope with the political and natural upheavals that loom in our future. Many rank Montgomery's remarkable powers of foresight with those of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

Now, with the clarity and candor that has won her such a loyal following, Ruth gives a tour of the next century and beyond. Ruth discusses her guides' prediction that the earth is bound to shift on its axis and provides information about what areas are safest as severe global weather patterns intensify. She also shares stories of numerous people from ancient Palestine, including herself, who have been reincarnated at this time to help bring peace and healing to the world.

Finally, in what she intends as her farewell book, Ruth offers a warm and fascinating look at her own life.

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She lives in Naples, Florida. Read an Excerpt My daily communication with the Guides continued for many years, though Lily steadfastly refused to identify himself until they began dictating material for Companions Along the Way, a book about ten of my previous lives in which I had known Arthur Ford. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review.