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We come across people with different backgrounds in different cultures every day. You may find your Ace at the beginning of your deck, or at the end. My view is every card is valuable to someone. Although the Ace may be the sharpest, you can still specifically pick and choose the right match for each card in your book of business.

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His humility is a vital entrepreneurial quality to success. I believe there is no shortcut for your journey to the top; like Humble, you must take the staircase. Your dream will not become reality without the right fuel; it takes incredible sacrifice, hard work and accelerators like Jason to give you a chance to win.

Humble Beginnings

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#HumbleBeginnings Ep01 - How To Secure Your Future In 7 Minutes

Email Print Friendly Share. You don't need a ton of money or really any at all to necessarily create your first product. You do, however, need to fill a gap in the market and--if possible--offer something that's never been seen before.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken: "The Colonel," or Harland Sanders , was 62 years old when he began the move toward profiting on his chicken recipe. He'd already had numerous careers, including working as an insurance salesman and a gas station employee. He started selling chicken from a roadside stop in Utah during the Great Depression and began to find success. It was a welcome break from hamburgers and became one of the first chains to go international.


Humble Beginnings Can Give Birth to Great Achievements | Psychology Today

However, in the beginning, Sanders simply traded his services for free rent at the filling station. In the early years, they sold mostly BBQ but, after a decade, discovered burgers were their most popular menu item. In order to up efficiency, the carhop approach was replaced with the "production line principles" that make up what we think of as fast food today, and the menu was re-created to feature burgers, fries, and shakes.

Historians say it was almost always cheaper and easier to open a restaurant in the s than it is today, as it required no outside investment in some cases. Google: In , a couple of college kids met when one was giving the other a campus tour.

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Computer geeks through and through, they eventually started the first version of what would eventually become Google-- BackRub --one year later. Within the next five years, the students who initially worked out of garages found enormous success and even tried to sell to Excite remember them? Short url.

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